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Cécile van der Heijden

Cécile is Axon’s data protection and privacy expert. As a senior attorney-at-law and CIPP/E-certified privacy-specialist with a background in both healthcare law and civil law, she supports clients with highly strategic advice about a wide range of subjects such as clinical research and investigations, collaborations, data protection and medical devices.

Cécile has a special interest in the confluence of the MDR/IVDR and the GDPR. She is highly knowledgeable about the impact of data protection law on the use of personal data for product improvement, further development and research and often advises clients about the legal bases necessary to use personal data for research purposes and beyond. She is in her element when she advises clients about strategic aspects of placing new devices on the market in compliance with the GDPR and collaborations with health care providers and healthcare institutions.

Cécile also has experience with commercial contracts in the life sciences sector and litigates about a wide range of subjects in the life sciences sector, including data protection, freedom of information requests and marketing authorisations.


• Data protection, including the GDPR, telecommunication and healthcare specific data protection
• E-health and e-privacy in relation to medical devices
• Clinical investigations with medical devices, in-vitro diagnostics
• Research with human tissue
• Collaborations with health care institutions and healthcare legislation
• Freedom of information act requests
• Litigation

Specialization courses

Cécile has participated in several post-doc specialisation courses with good results, including the specialisation course of the Association of Privacy Attorneys (VPR-A) and the Grotius specialisation course Health Care Law (Grotius Gezondheidsrecht).

More about Cécile

Cécile studied civil law at the Radboud University in Nijmegen and health care law at the University of Amsterdam. Before joining Axon, she worked at two law firms, focussing on various areas of health care law, including reimbursement of medicines and medical devices, organisation and governance of healthcare institutions and protection of personal data concerning health.
Cécile is an avid reader and is highly interested in history. She has (co-)authored several publications about regional history in her spare time. She also enjoys visiting museums and going to art exhibitions. Cécile is an aficionado of metal music.

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