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Jasmin Buijs

Jasmin studied law in Utrecht and Nijmegen, and specialized in food law at Wageningen University. There she enhanced her legal background with knowledge on food properties and food related hazards. Jasmin enjoys assisting start-ups with bringing their innovative ideas on the market. She works on questions regarding novel foods, health foods, food supplements, advertising labelling of food products and many more food-related cases. She reports current developments in the field of food law at foodhealthlegal.eu. Jasmin also has broad experience with (food) packaging and food contact materials legislation, medical devices legislation, cosmetics legislation, contract drafting, inducement rules and data protection cases.


• Food law
• Packaging and food contact materials legislation
• Medical devices legislation
• Cosmetics legislation

More about Jasmin

Next to work at Axon, Jasmin lectures the course Chinese food law at Wageningen University. In her free time, she does not let go of food either and will be found in the kitchen or at the dining table for good after dinner conversations.

Jasmin's articles


Towards 100 % recyclable or re-usable plastic food packaging in 10 years

What would food be without packaging? And what does packaging mostly consist of? Of course: plastic! To date, only few other materials have proved as reliable for food packaging as plastic. At the same time, we know that plastic has many disadvantages for the environment. Read this blogpost to be informed on the most important […]


Transparency vs. Confidentiality: EFSA’s new role as from March 2021

Last month, the European Council formally adopted the new Regulation on the transparency of the EU risk assessment in the food chain, which will be applicable as of 26 March 2021. As is in the name, the new provisions aim at increased transparency of EU risk assessment, which for a large deal means strengthening the […]

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