medicinal products


The medicinal effect of …. Coca Cola

Recent research from the Erasmus medical centre (Netherlands, Rotterdam) suggests that certain medicines might be taken up better by patients when administered with Coca Cola instead of water. In short, the researchers…


The unfinished internal market for medical devices

The EU market for medical devices is not fully harmonized, which means that you cannot rely on a medical device being a medical device everywhere in the EU. That, essentially, is what…


EU court decides another borderline case regarding "pharmacological effect"

Last Thursday the EU Court rendered judgment in the mouthwash case, C-308/11 Chemische Fabrik Kreussler vs Sunstar. The judgment immediately brought one of my favorite Yogi Berra quotes to mind: “You’ve got…


More on advertising of medical devices – much more

As I have written before on this blog, medical devices are spectacularly unregulated by medical devices specific EU legislation when it comes to advertising and marketing. That does not mean however that…


From Borderline to Border Area

Traditionally the borderlines between different categories of regulated products (medicinal products, medical devices, food, cosmetics, etc.) have been looked at as strict lines. More and more however it becomes evident that although…

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