DIA Euromeeting


eHealth and mHealth at the DIA Euromeeting

I had the privilege to preside a session about eHealth and mHealth at the DIA Euromeeting in Amsterdam last week, joined by Mr Tapani Piha, Head of Unit for eHealth, Health Technology…


Devices at the DIA Euromeeting – drinks are on us!

The DIA Euromeeting is quickly becoming a more an more interesting event for the medical devices community, as the DIA has been working on getting a full devices theme in place for…


The latest on the Recast, Review, Revision of EU medical devices framework

Whenever Ms Minor from DG SANCO speaks at an event, everyone in the medical devices industry listens, hoping for new elements about where the Commission is going with the recast, review or…


From Borderline to Border Area

Traditionally the borderlines between different categories of regulated products (medicinal products, medical devices, food, cosmetics, etc.) have been looked at as strict lines. More and more however it becomes evident that although…


Software as medical device – regulatory requirements, product liability

I attended an interesting seminar today about software as medical device organised by NEN, the Dutch standardisation institute. Speakers at the seminar highlighted the different views on this subject from the perspective…

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