General Data Protection Regulation


The EU Court’s Schrems II judgement – urgent revisiting of international personal data transfer mechanisms required

Wasn’t the MDR about More Data Required, and the same for the IVDR? Aren’t more and more devices running software that processes patient and user data? Isn’t the medical devices industry a very international business? Indeed – so the ability for companies working with the MDR and IVDR to transfer personal data internationally for all […]


Presentations Axon Seminar on the General Data Protection Regulation

Another well-attended seminar we hosted this week. Please find below links to the presentations: Erik Vollebregt, Axon Lawyers – GDPR Impact on Healthcare; Loes Markenstein, Dutch Data Protection Agency – DDPA’s assessment…


EU Data protection developments: privacy by design – literally, may impact your design

If you’re active in the medical devices industry in Europe you will no doubt have come across EU data protection regulation. It applies to all personal data (including data concerning health) relating…

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