Compromise texts for EU Council EPSCO meeting public

The two texts that will form the basis for the Council’s attempt to arrive at a general approach at the EPSCO Council meeting on 19 June that would allow it to start…


Where are we with the MDR and IVDR after the Greek Presidency?

Some time ago I promised you a follow up on the 20 June Council meeting, but I also mentioned that it could wait for a while at the time because the outcome…


The EU Council Debate on medical devices regulations: wheelbarrow of frogs

Well, we had the Council meeting last Tuesday on among other things Health, in which the medical devices regulation┬áproposal was debated at quite a length. Where are we now and where are…


EU Council to meet on Tuesday on MDR and IVDR proposals

This Tuesday morning 10 December the EU Council will meet to discuss the dossier of medical devices and IVDs revision for the last time during the Lithuanian Presidency, from 10:00 to 12:00….


EP debate on devices revision – largely predictable, some surprise

Today was an interesting day for medical devices in Europe. We had the EU Parliament’s plenary debate on the medical devices and IVD regulation proposals, and the subsequent vote on the highly…


EU member states show some of their cards on medical devices revision

The EU member states have so far been the dark horse in the discussions surrounding the revision of the EU medical devices directives, keeping their cards close to their chest and not…

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