Netherlands medical devices compliance update

Last week I attended the Eucomed Compliance Committee meeting in Brussels, and presented on some of the compliance developments going on in the Netherlands with respect to medical devices. Just like all…


EU Data protection developments: privacy by design – literally, may impact your design

If you’re active in the medical devices industry in Europe you will no doubt have come across EU data protection regulation. It applies to all personal data (including data concerning health) relating…


Developments and outlook re anti-kickback and corruption in the Dutch devices sector

Although no significant things happened in business compliance developments on a EU level for some time since Eucomed asked itself about guidance for sponsorship of conferences, things are very much in flux…


Regulating Medical Software and nothing new on the Recast

Today I attended the COCIR workshop Regulating Medical Software in Brussels, a very interesting event that brought a lot of new information to my attention and I had the opportunity to speak…

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