Unannounced notified body visits recommendation imminent – amend your contracts and procedures now!

While everybody is running around about the MDR and IVD regulations proposals another storm is brewing in the wings: unannounced audits, which I announced earlier. Currently notified bodies “may” do unannounced audits…


Marketing surveillance shaping up pre-Review with Dutch Minister feedback to Dalli Action Plan

Interesting developments after the¬†joint plan for action that Commissioner Dalli sent to the member states in the beginning of February this year urging them to step up market surveillance in order to…


Improving implementation: the Code for Notified Bodies

It’s finally public: the Code of Conduct for Notified Bodies under Directives 90/385/EEC and 93/42/EEC “Improving implementation of the European CE certification of medical devices through harmonization of quality and competence of…

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