Past seminar

Webinar Schrems II for the life sciences sector


Monday 26 October 2020



What time

16:00 CET


On 16 July 2020, the European Court of Justice published its judgement in the so-called Schrems II-case. This decision concerns, in short, the subject of international transfers of personal data and has caused enormous uncertainty about the possibility to undertake large scale international transfers of personal data.

Given the large number of international collaborations in the life sciences sector, Schrems II has an exponential impact on the life sciences sector. The decision can have direct consequences for – among other things – the international conduct of clinical research, intercompany collaborations, international consultation of experts and use of service providers outside the EU.

This webinar discusses the fall-out of Schrems II after three months, the solutions that have been developed since and an outlook on further developments.


C├ęcile van der Heijden

Attorney-at-law, CIPP/E