Multi-jurisdictional advertising of medical devices – UK, Netherlands and Germany

Advertising and promotion of medical devices are not harmonised under the EU medical devices directive, resulting in a fragmented legal landscape that differs from one EU member state to the other. To provide companies with more overview of this landscape, I wrote an article about the legal landscape for advertising and promotion of medical devices in the UK, Netherlands and Germany together with friends and former colleagues Alexander Denoon and Mathias Kl├╝mper, which is published in the March/April issue of RA Medtech, who kindly allowed publication of the article in their layout on our websites.

For all nuances about misleading and comparative advertising as well as how to avoid off-label advertising you should of course read the article itself and for advertising of reimbursement of medical devices this post that I wrote about that subject previously. For some very high level take aways, however, why not check out the do’s and don’ts table at end of the article:

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